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Mission and Services


The mission of the Will County Auditor is to enhance and protect organizational value of the County of Will by providing risk-based objective assurance, advice, and insight.


The County Auditor accomplishes its mission by maintaining integrity, objectivity, and competence to (a) bring a systematic, disciplined approach to assist the County of Will's management in the effective discharge of its responsibilities to establish an appropriate control environment with regards to of the operations, financial systems, information technology and internal accounting controls and (b) provide objective and independent information on the effectiveness and the adequacy of internal controls and governance processes.


Will County Audit Approach and Professional Guidance

The Office of the Will County Auditor’s guidelines and authorization is established by the Illinois Compiled Statutes in conjunction with guidance from generally accepted government auditing standards (GAGAS) and Will County Code of Ordinances. The statute and county ordinance charges that the county auditor shall maintain a continuous internal audit of the operations and financial records of officers, agents or divisions of the county. The collection of requirements and general standards for the Auditor’s office emphasize the importance of:

  1. Independence and safeguards for objectivity of the auditor

  2. Exercise of professional judgment in the performance of work and the preparation of related reports

  3. Competence of staff; and

  4. Quality control and assurance.


The audit approach is based on

  • Ongoing review of key processes

  • Risk levels

  • Professional auditing standards

    • (IIA, GFOA, AICPA, and GAO), and

    • legal requirements (local ordinances, state statutes, and federal and state regulations).


County Auditor Statute
55 ILCS 5/Div. 3.1. Sec 3-1005

Pursuant to the Illinois Compiled Statute 55 ILCS 5/Div. 3.1. Sec. 3-1005, specifically the County Auditor is required to:  (1) Audit all claims against the County; (2) Collect, analyze and preserve statistical and financial information with respect to the cost of operation of the various institutions and facilities maintained, operated or owned by the county ; (3) Maintain a file of all contracts;  (4) Audit the receipts of all county officers and departments; (5) Maintain a continuous internal audit of the operations and financial records of the officers, agents, or divisions of the county.

(The county auditor shall have access to all records, documents, and resources necessary for the discharge of this responsibility.)


With Will County being the fourth largest county in the state and home to the nation's largest inland port, the role of Will County Auditor’s Office is to provide Will County citizens financial and operational transparency and accountability of Will County Government ; to provide a means to report suspected  fraud, waste, or abuse, and;  to assist and encourage Will County citizens and officials to participate and collaborate in order to continue moving the County forward.


Open Gov Portal

To expand on that effort, the Will County Auditor's office have compiled online links to assist various points of information on Will County operations and finances in the open government portal

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